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Frequently Asked Questions
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Q: When will my order be delivered?

A: Orders are typically shipped from our warehouse within two to five business days of the purchase date.  After the order has shipped, domestic delivery occurs on an average of five to seven business days.  Some orders may take up to two weeks.

Q: Can I track my package online?

A:  At this time, we do not offer online tracking.  We hope to add this functionality in the near future.

Q: Can I change, add or cancel an order that has been submitted?

A:  We are unable to change, cancel or add to orders once they are processed and authorized by the credit card company.  Most of our order processes are automated, so there is little we can do once an order is placed.

Q: I gave the incorrect delivery address.  What should I do?

A: As previously stated, once an order has been processed and authorized, we are not able to effect changes.  If the delivery address is incorrect,. we can update the address on file and have the order re-sent once the package is returned to our shipping center.  We encourage our customers to double-check all shipping information before submitting an order.

Q: I can't seem to get my debit/credit card to authorize my purchase.

A: More often than not, this error occurs from incorrectly entering your billing information.  Please make sure the information you provide matches with that on file with your credit card's financial institution.

Q: Why do I need to provide my credit card identification number?

A: The credit card identification number is an additional card code that is a security measure used to specifically ensure that the person making the order has the actual card in his or her possession.  We require this information because it is an effective online procedure for security purposes. 

Q: Do you give out customer information?

A: We respect your concern for confidentiality and therefore, we do not share your personal information with any unnecessary third parties.  The only time you may be contacted using your supplied information is in regards to your order.

Q: How do I know that you are a secure site?

A: We are extra careful at building in security measures on our website to insure that you, our customer, is protected from fraud or misuse of your confidential information. Most of the newest and best technological advances in securing websites are integrated into our security systems.

Q: Do you have a printed catalog of products you can send me?

A: Currently we only offer our products on the Internet.  Because we continually create new books and media products, any printed catalog we publish would soon be out of date.  We also try to be eco-friendly and not use a lot of unnecessary paper.

Q: How do I return or exchange a product?

A: Please contact customer service at customerservice@smartkidzbookstore.com and explain why you would like to return or exchange a product. Customer service will provide you with instructions to exchange or refund your product(s). Please enclose the original packing slip and allow 2-3 weeks for the processing of your exchange or refund.

Q: I received a damaged or incorrect item or I am missing an item(s).  What do I do?

A: Please contact customer service at customerservice@smartkidzbookstore.com and explain what items are missing or incorrect.  We will get back to you with instructions on the next steps.

Q: A product in your online catalog is listed as "Out of Stock."  How long does it take to get the product back in stock?  Can I place a back order?

A: Products that are listed as "Out of Stock" are typically available again in 3-6 weeks.  We suggest you check back periodically in the online catalog to find out when the product is re-stocked.  At this time, we don't have a way to process back order for products that are out of stock.

Q: Do you collect sales tax?

A: Yes...in those states that require us, by law, to collect sales taxes.  If a sales tax is applicable to your order, it will be calculated and shown on your order form during check-out.

Q: You offer free batteries and other replacement products.  Is this for real?  What's the catch?

A: Yes, this offer is for real...and there is no catch.  The free products found on our website are absolutely FREE!  Most of these items, like the replacement cell batteries, are used to service our media products.  So try the offer.  Enjoy the free products.  We only ask that customers pay the modest shipping and order processing costs.

Q: How can you offer free products without charging anything?

A: The costs of the free items featured in our online catalog are covered by our sponsor and partner, Smart Kids Media, Inc. (www.smartkidzmedia.com).  SKM is a highly successful children's publisher that creates, produces and develops innovative children's books and educational products.  Many of these products incorporate value-added items such as electronic chips, marker pens, stickers, cell batteries and other parts to make for a more interactive experience for children.  SKM is also committed to providing on going enjoyment of their books and media products, so they are generously offering to support the free dissemination of these replacement products to their customers.

Q: How do I get my free products?

A: To order, just follow these four easy steps:

  1. Select the products you want;
  2. Fill out the online order form (note: there will be a nominal shipping and handling charge);
  3. Submit your order. Your product selection will be immediately processed and delivered to your doorstep;
  4. We will fulfill your order as soon as possible, but please allow for up to 2 weeks for delivery.

Q: How may free products can I order at one time?

A: Order as many free products as you like...one or one hundred.  It's up to you!  In fact, you can order any products anytime you want...and if you like our service, tell a friend.