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Es Hora De Ir Al Bano (Nino)

Each page is written in Spanish and English (Bilingual)

La enseñanza para ir al baño es un paso natural en el desarrollo de un niño.  Con este libro (que incluye un chip con el sonido del bajar la palanca) y un poco de paciencia, aprender a ir al baño será fácil y gratificante tanto para los padres como para el niño.

Toilet training is a natural step in a child's development. With this book and a little bit of understanding and patience, toilet training will be easy and rewarding for both parent and child. Children can be frightened by the sight and sound of a flushing toilet. This book (featuring a toilet flushing sound chip) reassures children that the toilet is not something to fear but part of the growing up process. This book includes a Potty Time Chart to help you and your child track their success. (List Price: $7.95).

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