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Daddy, Do You Love Me?

Designed as a companion to Mommy, Do You Love Me?, this playful, interactive photo book captures the loving bond between father and baby, and will be a book that mothers will want to have for their baby’s father.

Written in a simple, question-based format, Daddy, Do You Love Me? is a perfect opportunity for dads to express their love to their little ones. The repetitive questions and adorable photos remind dads of just how important a role they play in their baby’s life. The precious photography, playful questions, and sturdy board book construction will make this book a favorite bonding moment for daddy and baby.


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Not a fan of the plastic on outside

Reviewed by: on 2015-12-14 16:19:50
It's a cute book and my baby is intrigued with the real life pictures of other babies. I am, however, disappointed in the plastic covering the outside of the books (we have the "Mommy, Do You Love Me?" book as well) and my baby chewed on his book (as babies do) and I noticed a big piece of thin plastic in his mouth! I looked and found it came from the book and I quickly peeled the rest of it off of the book and off the other one. They now look terrible with streaks...but at least I feel safer having them around my child.

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